Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Best Which Has Been Thought and Said

While I wait for this spell of literary laryngitis to resolve itself, I decided to go back through the archives and pick a few dozen of my favorites for a "greatest hits" retrospective.

You're the Sounds I Never Heard Before, Off the Map Where the Wild Things Grow, Another World Outside My Door

We Came From the Breeze

Alphabet Soup

He Don't Lie, He Don't Lie, He Don't Lie — Montaigne

As Below, So Above

Innocence, In a Sense

How Much Reverence Has a Noble Man for His Enemies!

Cliques Nix Politics

The Play Is Always Going On, and the Play's the Thing

Children Having Their Fun With the Blues

A Hundred Roots Silently Drinking

The Recline of Western Civilization (Slight Return)

Clouds In My Coffee

The Gorgon Gaze of the Expectant Audience

In the Shadow of Reason

Speak to Me In a Language I Can Hear

Devil Take the Hindmost

Santutthi Paramam Dhanam

Fill Your Heroes

Death Rehearsal

The Good That I Would, I Do Not

Irritable Vowel Syndrome

Bros Before Prose

Nowhere You Are

Cosmetic Palette

Not Wise, but Otherwise

What's It All About When You Sort It Out?

A Brotherhood

What Fresh Hell Is This?

Full of Sound and Fury, Signifying Nothing

Pseu-Pseu-Pseudo, I Just Say the Word

Textual Harrassment

When I Said I Understood, I Only Knew Where to Stand

Dream Dream, Filling Up an Idle Hour

So I Shut It All Off, I'm a Happy Idiot

All You True Believers, You Gotta Move On With Your Lives

Sui Generic (Slight Return)

If You Sweep Up This Mess I've Created, Nothing's Left to Show I Existed

A Dog and a Man Who Walked Together for a Time

The Word Made Grilled Flesh

Empty Free Unplugged

I Am No Better, and Neither Are You

A Philosopher for Everyone and No One

Sciapods, Blemmyes, and Panotii, Oh My!

There Goes the Neighborhood

And If My Interest Is Waning, I Can't Fake It